Ak-47 Ultra Fem Genetics

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Indica/Sativa: mostly Sativa

Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks

Indoor yield: 400-600 gr/m2

Outdoor yield: 250-700 gr/plant

Height: 80-150 cm

Genetics: AK47 × MK ULTRA

THC: 17%   CBD: 1%





IZI breeders crossed sativa-dominant AK-47 and indica-dominant MK-Ultra to get a plant with a stunning body effect. A plant with a dense earthy aroma and light notes of Skunk, needs 9-10 weeks of flowering to gain maximum strength. Sticky, smelly buds will fill the air around with a woody, hard to mask smell.



AK-47 Ultra shows the best results in Indore. It grows good with any type of training, but SCROG method is ideal for it. The average plant height is about 150 cm. It is quite simple to grow and gives back a huge harvest. At flowering stage plant tends to form a lot of medium-sized nuggs, all covered in resin.


Taste and effects

Thick earthy smoke makes you feel very-very high just from one hit. Warm waves cover all body, with the feeling of world vibrations. After few hours «body buzz» effect is replaced by long-lasting high.