Afgani Mazar Fem genetics

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Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica

Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks

Indoor yield: 500-700 gr/m2

Outdoor yield: 250-800 gr/plant

Height: 100-180 cm

Genetics: Afgani Mazar

THC: 20%    CBD: 0.8%





Our breeders did a great job and presented an Afgani Mazar genetics. At the north of Afghanistan there is an area called Mazar-i-Sharif, this variety takes her roots there. IZI breeders were able to select the genetics of this strain to the ideal! Our Afgani Mazar genetics grows l radioactive big and gives back a huge harvest even to the most unexperienced growers. The variety turned out to be quite easy to grow and requires only big love and care to the plant. Strong branches and dense buds with the smell of hashish and lemon will amaze you! This strain will glue you to the sofa for a long time, with the strongest “STONED” effect.



Plant feels great when grown Indore and outdoors, shows her maximum result and reveals her full potential with the use of organic nutrients. Our Afgani Mazar genetics variety with the pure power and strong immunity is not afraid of pests and mold, therefore it is ideal for beginners. It will take about 9-10 weeks in the outdoor to flower up.


Taste and effects

Strong smell and sweet taste of the classics is our new Afgani Mazar genetics! It brings a feeling of nostalgia for true lovers of the old school. This strong indica smells like sweet oranges in combination with hash. The effect and taste of this girl act in symbiosis, sending into space with one hit, so be careful and do not smoke a lot right away. You will feel how the body and thoughts plunge into the ocean of rest and relaxation. Long-term exposure is accompanied by stress relief, great appetite and good sleep. We recommend that you do not be greedy with this “sticky” girl, otherwise there is a big chance to ride a on “pale Chevrolet” to sleep.